Health Professions Advising Center

HPAC is offering a variety of hybrid services for fall 2021.  Advising and Ask an Ambassador Drop-in's are offered in-person and via Zoom.  Workshops will be offered via Zoom. Contact us at or call/text at (951) 888 - 1290. 

Health Professions Advising Center

The Health Professions Advising Center provides information, advising, and support for students who aspire to graduate/professional programs in the health professions and wish to enhance their academic and extracurricular preparation. Professional staff and peer mentors are available to guide students as they plan their pre-health professions coursework, health-related experiences, service work, and research in preparation for applying to programs. 

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Rivera Library B03 (Lower Level)
HPAC Office Hours: 

M-F: 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm
Tel: (951) 888 - 1290 (call/text)

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The Health Professions Advising Center offers:
  • Information about health professions
  • Individual and small group health professions advising
  • Peer mentors
  • Speakers, workshops, conferences, and events
  • Graduate/professional school application assistance

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Before scheduling an appointment for advising, you must attend a one-time, one-hour HPAC Introduction to Health Professions Workshop.

Fall 2021 'Ask-An-Ambassador' - Sept. 27th - Dec. 3rd, 2021

If you have questions about health profession requirements, selecting major, on-campus organizations, clinical experiences, research, etc. "drop in" to speak with an HPAC Ambassador.  Click on the ambassador's name below to enter their virtual chat or visit them in-person Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Rivera Library B03!

Time  Monday (Zoom) Tuesday  (HPAC @ Rivera B03) Wednesday (HPAC @ Rivera B03) Thursday (Zoom) Friday (Zoom)
9-10am Verena  N/A Gabi Syreze  Verena 
10-11am Sommer  Dominic  Vivian Neha Sydney
11am - 12pm Sommer Dominic  Gabi Jessalyn Parash 
1-2pm  N/A Darren  Yuma Darren Parash
2-3pm N/A Syreze Yuma Neha Samantha
3-4pm Sydney Jessalyn N/A Thaniya Samantha
4-5pm Neha N/A N/A Thaniya Vivian
5-6pm Angel N/A N/A Neha  Angel


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Health Professions Advising Center

Location: Rivera Library, B03 (Lower Level)  |  Tel: (951)888-1290  |  Email: