UC Washington Academic Internship Program

How to Apply

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Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

June 22nd, 2018 Nov. 2nd, 2018 Dec. 3rd, 2018 TBA!

Selection Criteria

Students from all majors are encouraged to apply. Admission is selective. To be eligible for consideration, students must:

  • Have Junior or Senior standing in the participating quarter. Completion of upper-division courses in the major/area of concentration is a plus.
  • Have a strong academic record -- Recommended 3.0 GPA (an unofficial transcript can be submitted with the application, however an official copy must be provided upon acceptance).
  • Submit a completed application.

Admission will be based on the student's interests, narrative evaluations, letters of recommendation, GPA, and a personal interview, if necessary.

Application Materials

Applications must be submitted in complete form by the published deadline*. This includes:

  • Application 
  • Cover Letter 
    • No more than one page.

    • Write the cover letter as if you are applying to be an intern with the UCDC office here at UCR. If this is your first cover letter, keep it pretty general and we can help you personalize it later. What skills and experience do you have that make you qualified to be an office intern? What can you elaborate on from your resume?
    • Consider what skills and experience do you possess that you will use to market yourself to future internship sites in Washington, DC? 
    • You can also use this website to guide your writing: https://resumegenius.com/cover-letters-the-how-to-guide 
    • If you have a cover letter that you have submitted for previous positions, feel free to upload that in lieu of writing another copy. 
    • Cover letters will be reviewed during a follow up interview to provide an opportunity for feedback
  • Two letters of recommendation (Details below)
  • Resume
  • Copy of transcripts
    • Unofficial copies may be submitted with your application, transcripts from previous institutions can be accepted as placeholders
    • Official UCR transcript with the most recent quarter grades available will be requested upon acceptance into the program

*Incomplete applications will not be evaluated and may be deferred to a future quarter.

Letters of Recommendation

Your two letters of recommendation may be used as a part of your internship applications once admitted to the UCDC Program. Please ask your recommenders to describe your abilities and qualities aimed at potential internship sites as well as admission to the program. It is important that the letters of recommendation include as much detailed information about you as possible. You can provide the form below to your recommenders to provide them with  more information about what we are looking for. Please make sure that it is clear to the letter writers that these letters will be used to support your applications to additional internship sites as well and that they are submitted on official letterhead. 

 Guidelines for writing a letter of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation Criteria

  1. One of your letters of recommendation MUST be from a UCR ladder-ranked faculty member. (i.e., Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor. TAs and Lecturers do not fit this category).
  2. Your second letter of recommendation may be from any professional or academic contact. It cannot be from friends or family members.

Applications are considered incomplete if letters of recommendation are not included by the deadline posted. If you are unsure that a letter of recommendation will be submitted by the deadline, give yourself more options (i.e., ask another person to write a letter supporting your application). Applications with more than two letters of recommendation will not be penalized. Please contact ucdc@ucr.edu if you are having difficulties obtaining letters of recommendation. 

Submit Letters of Recommendation via email as a PDF to ucdc@ucr.edu (directly from the writer), mail intracampus to Hinderaker 1100A ATTN: UCDC, or post mail

900 University Avenue
Hinderaker 1100A ATTN:UCDC
Riverside CA 92521

Need help with your resume? Download a Sample Resume or visit the Career Center for assistance with creating a resume.

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