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Curriculum Description

During the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, students enroll in 12 to 16 units comprised of internship units, a seminar, and an optional elective course.  All UCDC participants are still considered UCR students.

During the summer UCDC program, students may choose to enroll in internship units offered by UCR, elective courses at the UCDC Center or a combination of both.  Students may also choose to participate in the program without enrolling in any academic credit.  Students must enroll in at least 6 units during the summer to be eligible for financial aid.

The UCDC program recommends that students contact their departmental academic advisor to determine how a quarter in DC fits into the degree plan as well as larger academic and professional goals.

During the academic quarter in DC (fall, winter or spring) UCR students will enroll in:

198I Internship

This course is required of all UCDC participants (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters). The quarter before leaving for DC, students search for, apply to, and interview for internships with the assistance of the UCDC Program Office. Help is also available through UCR's Career Center. This is a variable unit course and the number of units received is determined in consultation with the faculty member in the student's department who assigns t he academic work associated with the internship. The UCDC Program requires that students work at least 24 hours per week at the internship site.

Download the 198I form.

Washington, DC Seminar

(4 units, FWS only)

This course is required of all UCDC participants (fall, winter and spring quarters). The course meets once per week and may include field trips and other outside activities. It serves as a weekly forum for students to share and enhance their knowledge of living and working in Washington, D.C. Students also will read about, experience and analyze key Washington, D.C sites in a multi-disciplinary context.  The seminar assignment is specific to a student's major and internship selection and is not campus-specific.  Find a list of seminars at www.ucdc.edu.

Elective Course(s)

(4 units graded - optional)

Taught by UC faculty in residence at the Center and Washington, DC area instructors, these courses are offered in many fields of interest including politics, public policy, art history, media, and economics. The courses incorporate institutions and sights of Washington, D.C. and meet one night a week, either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, 6:00-9:00p.m.  Find a list of electives at www.ucdc.edu.

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