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The UC Washington Academic Internship Program


What do you do in DC?

Students have an opportunity to enroll in courses offering up to 16 units of credit: an internship, a seminar, and an elective. The centerpiece of the program is the internship, which can be selected from a stunning array of possibilities. A list of typical internship sites might include the following areas: Environmental Policy, Arts, Theatre, Museums, and Art Administration, International Affairs, Law and Justice, Congress, Economic Policy, Elections, Political Parties, and Action Groups, Human Services and Social Policy, Press and the Media.

For more information on internship opportunities, check out our Internship Hotpage.

Where do you live?

While in Washington, students live in a residential college with 250 students from nine University of California campuses Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Riverside. The UC Washington Center includes student apartments, classrooms, computer facilities, staff offices, and meeting spaces and is located in central Washington, D.C.

What kinds of classes can I take?

All UCR students enroll in a 4-8 unit internship course (198I) supervised by a UCR faculty member identified before the student leaves for DC. The faculty member assigns academic work in addition to the required 24-hours of site work required by the UCDC program.

Additionally, all students enroll in a 4-unit seminar course, which serves as a weekly forum for students to share and enhance their knowledge of living and working in Washington, DC. Students also will read about, experience and analyze key Washington, DC sites in a multi-disciplinary context. The course features bi-weekly field trips to historical sites within the city and is taught by faculty in residence at the UC Washington Center.

Students may choose one upper-division elective course from a range of classes offered by faculty in residence at the Center. These electives are offered in several disciplines, including selections from the social and natural sciences, arts and humanities. All courses take advantage of Washington's unique resources for study and research.

The seminars and electives for each quarter are listed here.

Looking for an adventure?

The Washington Center also features special programs for students - tours of historic sites, trips to Philadelphia and New York, famous food outings, guest speakers, and more!


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